All Lives Matter

At the risk of being political, I have to say this. All lives matter.

The black boy who is afraid of the police – your life matters.

The police officer who protects us – your life matters.

The Syrian refugee who lives in a camp – your life matters.

Those who live in areas ravaged by war – your life matters.

The illegal immigrants from Mexico – your life matters.

Every First Nation person – your life matters.

Every person who is a victim of abuse – your life matters.

Every child – your life matters.

Every animal – your life matters.

Let’s begin with that in mind.

All lives matter.

Let’s see what we have in common and not how we are different.

Let’s see each other in light. Fear should die with the darkness.

If we believe that what we think, we attract, then let’s think hope.                                                                                                                                         Let’s attract hope.                                                 Let’s attract light.IMG_5136






your life matters,

Cara MacMillan

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