Book Review: B.S. Incorporated

Rock and Voss have written an endearing book that celebrates and mocks corporate culture with respect to change. We see a company that must change and adapt as it faces obsoletion from technology advances and globalization. Will takes us through the challenges of working with old and new bosses who have rested on the laurels of past successes and now are in a hurry to adapt and change. It is witty, sarcastic yet perceptive and makes you think.

If you have ever been a boss who got so comfortable in the job that he forgot leadership but chose absolute power, then you will enjoy this book. If you have ever experienced a new boss who is filled with ideas that annoy, or worked with  a consultant who cannot understand why their catch phrases are not getting the employee engagement you hoped, then you will enjoy reading this book. And while laughing you will learn and grow as a leader..

Will is the kind of hero, you would have a lot of laughs with over a beer. So go ahead, grab BS Inc, grab a beer, and have a good laugh.


Yours in Corporate Social Responsibility

Cara MacMillan MBA

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