Build Together

So I went shopping today for my beloved. We have always believed that a marriage and a family should be about shared experiences and not ‘things’. We have lived our lives, seldom getting into ruts for to long and always focusing on laughing together rather than fighting over the past. I have not always had an attitude of wealth. I was a foster kid so money to me was food, shelter and power. People would make themselves feel good about themselves by pretending to be nice to me. We called them pity gifts or ‘hey look how good I am’ acts of narcissism.

But when I met my beloved, I knew that I was finally home. This was to be the foundation upon which I would set my roots, my legacy.

One day we were arguing about money early in our relationship. I thought his budget was a way to control me – and I rebelled.

Then after my dramatic tantrum, he took me in his arms and said, “Look every couple I knew who divorced did so because of money. I want to work together with you to build a financial foundation so we never worry or fight about money. I want to build a foundation so that we can ENJOY our lives without worrying about money.”

ding ding ding Jackpot

So families as you buy Christmas presents, thing about the future as well as the present. You too can be wealthy if you choose to build together.

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