Build Wealth Tip #8

Tip #8 Try new things.
My husband and I decided to cut our gas expenses and our carbon footprint. As we biked for groceries we enjoyed trying new routes and new recipes.

When we lived in the country, shopping was a 20 minute drive away so you made certain that you planned the trip. It was quite an ordeal and there is quite a bit that you can pack into a Yukon. We returned to an urban lifestyle and we have great shopping within a mile of our house. It took longer to drive and park than it would to bike. So we purchased some bike carriers and decided to bike. There are some extra benefits to this decision. The first is that we only buy what we can carry. So junk food that is bulky has fallen off the list. Fruits and vegetables do not rot in our kitchen because we buy what we can eat. We have freezer bags to keep meat and dairy cool. We also buy less because it is heavy and not very portable on a bike. So now we eat healthier and more cost effectively.

We learned to cook a new way and reinstated dinner date night where we prepare a meal together and eat by the fireplace.

We enjoyed biking so much that we expanded and now bike the four miles to work.
Our bodies became stronger so we started running again.

So think of all the savings:
car maintenance
grocery bill reduction and less food waste
parking at work
gym membership

and we have directed the savings towards a fund to purchase an oceanfront rental property.
We can build wealth by trying new things!

What new thing can you try?

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