Building Wealth Tip #3

Building wealth is simple. We make it complicated. It takes discipline, focus and perseverance to take this journey. Are you ready?
Here goes:

3. Be prepared to be grow.
You will change and grow as a person as your wealth grows. Change is uncomfortable. You need to be comfortable being uncomfortable. It will be worth it.

Many people give up because change is uncomfortable. The truth is that it feels uncomfortable and feelings are a choice. You can choose to feel uncomfortable and act anyways. It will take courage – true courage. Many times I watch my students who react to tough assignments with anger or depression. It is the little voice inside their head saying…’I can’t”. Well mute that little voice. What is the worst that can happen? What is the best? Once you have focused on the facts, you will have the courage to change. One of my favourite books empowering change is:

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