Capital Gains

Did you make money on an investment in 2014? You will be paying capital gains tax.
So you have a few more days to manage your capital gains.

Have a look at your portfolio. Have you lost money in the recent turbulence? Then take advantage of the situation to lower your tax payable. For example, If you made $25,000 on a real estate investment and then invested in oil stocks but you are now down then you have the opportunity to realize the loss, in other words sell.

But the price of oil could come back and do even better, you protest.

Well you are right, so you have choices. If you sold stocks, you can buy an oil ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) or you could buy stocks of a different oil company. You will manage the taxes payable but still have the opportunity to enjoy a potential rebound.

As an investor you have options. Some people believe in holding carbon stocks so that you can influence and lobby for change. So you might look at alternate stocks. Others stay clear of all carbon investments. You know your style and stay true to it. If you have a loss in another part of your portfolio, the same principles apply.
But remember you must review the rules as per the IRS or CRA, or the government rules in your country.

Capital Gains Mitigation Strategies

Capital Gains Mitigation Strategies

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