Climate Change: Post COP21 Paris

Next Wednesday February 10th, 2016, I will be joining many thought leaders at the International Women’s Forum Conference; Climate Change: Post COP21 Paris.

And I am so excited.

Continuum - Climate Change Post COP21 Paris, click logo to access the invitation

Continuum – Climate Change Post COP21 Paris, click logo to access the invitation

First let me say thank you to my friend Milla Craig and her inspirational colleagues who have the courage to engage in this conversation. Let’s look at Climate Change from the scientific, social and economic perspectives. Let’s start communicating by bringing many diverse and insightful people together to discuss how we will be moving forward as a common world.

Our science panel will discuss how biodiveristy and ecosystems are being impacted by climate change. This winter, we are feeling the effects of climate change in our own backyards. Warm temperatures have again closed the Rideau Canal Skateway in January. Our Great Lakes are clear and navigable in the midst of winter. We may  like temperate winters …but they are having significant negative impact on marine life. Not to mention crops, animals and soil. These translate to algae blooms and decreased water supplies. Let’s work together.

From a social perspective, severe droughts have significantly impacted nations. From Syria to California, we feel the impact of severe drought. People are displaced. People battle for the water that is available….beyond drought, we need to focus on the quality of our water.

Neskantaga went under a boil water advisory twenty years ago today. A small reserve in Northern Ontario whose population is almost 80% under the age of 30. I am looking forward to hearing the great work of one of our panelists, Melanie Goodchild, National Director for Aboriginal Programs at the Canadian Red Cross. Many people are doing great work, we need to pull together cross sector resources to solve problems. And next Wednesday, we will.

Milla Craig will be moderating the economic panel. COP21 will be the spark that brings us to a new economic model. The circular economic plan that was announced by the EU on December 2.2015, announces their economic plan to prosperity in the age of respecting our earth’s natural resources. The opportunity for services that will reduce reliance on raw materials will create economic opportunity.

EU Announces Circular Economy - 5/12/15

EU Announces Circular Economy – 5/12/15

“The future is providing services to the citizens in a long-term process. Services that then materialize in products, instead of the other way around, and products that are used and re-used time and time again, so that you reduce the use of raw materials and don’t deplete the earth’s natural resources. Circular economy – investments for the future!”  (

But we have so many questions to answer…carbon pricing? Cap and trade? If our economic model is built on consumerism and growth what will happen to companies, stock prices, pension plans?

Technology is facilitating an evolution to collective sharing. Uber is a great example of this innovation. With its ability to facilitate collective sharing with a focus on enabling applications and a commitment to social responsibility, there will be opportunity as first round angel investors encourage this new industry to IPO.

There is opportunity everywhere! It just looks a little different than yesterday. Let’s embrace the building and creation of the Age of Renewal.

Change…it will be a constant.

The late Grandmother of a good friend once chastised me. “Life is changing so quickly I whined.” She smiled and said, “I arrived in this world in a mud hut on the Canadian prairies. We traveled by foot or by horse. I have seen the invention of the car, the indoor toilet, electricity. I lived through world wars and Vietnam – all before you were even born. I watched a man land on the moon. You are right. The world is only changing quickly now.”

Change has always been the only constant.

yours in Corporate Social Responsibility,

Cara MacMillan MBA

…with a special thank you to my friend, Milla Craig who shares the goal of building this Age of Renewal.

Milla Craig, Millani Perspectives

Milla Craig, Millani Perspectives


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    The agreement sets out a global action plan to put the world on track to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2 C.

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