Entrepreneurs – 8 Steps to Distribution

Differentiate Yourself

Differentiate Yourself

Entrepreneurs – when you choose a distribution channel – a sales organization – how do you make that decision?

You want the distribution channel process to be easy to navigate and abundant for both of you.

Recently I asked a collection of passionate entrepreneurs this question and they all answered in a similar manner: The product will sell itself!

Truth is that hardly happens. You need a sales force and for many that is a luxury that we can not afford. So our salesforce will be outsourced through a partner distribution channel. Before you sign with  a distribution channel; make sure you know the answers to the following questions:

  1. How are they paid?
  2. How should you incent the salesforce to ensure that they sell your product?
  3. How do you integrate your product and processes into their selling and fulfillment process?
  4. How difficult is your product to sell? Be honest, is the problem that your product solves for their client intuitive? Or is it difficult to explain?
  5. Have you written and provided the distribution channel the sales aids that they want or just the ones that you like or think are good?
  6. Do you treat your distribution channel like your client?
  7. Do you share the same corporate principles and values? This makes a long term distribution agreement easier to negotiate and enjoyable to implement.

So get in your kayak and paddle together. You have built a great product and service and your distribution channel will lead you to profitable sales.


enjoying vacation,

Cara MacMillan MBA


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