Entrepreneurs – Go!

So you have the test results of your product or service from your first customer(s). You have tested your product or service in real life scenarios – not just following a piece of test instructions – no YOU thought about how your customer would use it. You included your customers in the prototype development and let them play. A quality issue to you is a personal affront.

Why because YOU are the business. This is YOUR passion and YOU believe.

Your Business

Your Business

So be proud and don’t rush. This is where entrepreneurs fail. They rush a product out the door without remembering that they are the brand. So take some time. Guarantee that the quality is there. Involve your customer in the creation, testing and implementation of your product or service into their business.

When you build it together, you get to walk in each others’ shoes and you will build a lifelong customer. So when the testing is complete – Go! Go make your product or service generally available. We call this GA. For some of you that may mean Georgia but for those of us in product/service development – the acronym means General Availability. This is the end of a project. The product is now handed over to operations.

One question that I keep being asked is, “Does this still apply for millennials?” YES. Millennials are a different target customer segment. They demand honesty. They have seen through all the advertising.  They have seen through all the marketing. They are not loyal to a brand for life. But they are loyal to their values. Sustainability, human rights, respect for the earth, abundance rather than greed, and enjoying the experience.

Build a relationship with your millennial customer and learn their values. You will find out that you are probably more the same than you thought!

Let your business, your products, your services be a representative of your values and you will have lifelong customers.

Give me your thoughts and experience in first product/service testing…

yours in Corporate Social Responsibility

Cara MacMillan MBA

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