Entrepreneurs – take a break

Last week, I spent a wonderful day with Ladies Who Lunch. We are a collection of passionate women who are also entrepreneurs. Women from many demographics and sectors. We work hard. We talked a lot about how we recognize our responsibility to model entrepreneurship for our children, our colleagues and each other. We feel a tremendous sense of duty. With all that responsibility comes stress. So here are my top 10 ideas for taking a break and nurture the entrepreneur within:

Our Northern Lights

Our Northern Lights

1, Eat strawberries. Right now they are perfect. It is their season so enjoy.

2. Get up early and stop work early enough to do something special like a hike or a swim.

3. Meditate for 5 minutes everyday.

4. Watch a comedy or read jokes. Clean jokes. Ones that you can share with everyone. Laugh out loud when you read them.

5.Tune out. When someone starts whining, offer them some cheese to go with that whine. If that doesn’t work, tune out and tune into something positive and beautiful around you.

6.Look up at the night sky. We can see the Northern Lights sometimes when we are at a friend’s farm. They are awe-inspiring. In a moment, the world seems peaceful and perfect. Carry that feeling forward.

7. Give someone a hug. Odds are they need a break too.

8. Play Pokemon Go. You will re-connect with the kid in you.

9.Play cards with a big group of people and enjoy the togetherness.

10. Float on the local river and let the current take you to where you want to go.

Yes Entrepreneurs, take a break. Nurture yourself and those you love. It will make the success journey easier and more enjoyable.

enjoy today

Yours in Corporate Social Responsibility,

Cara MacMillan

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