Global Risk 2015

The World Economic Forum Global Risk 2015 survey illustrated some very powerful concerns. The top concerns of respondents were:

  • Interstate Conflicts
  • Water Crises
  • Failure of Climate Change Adaptations

There is a sense that we are seeing more Interstate Conflicts and it will have an impact on the economy, ecology and people. Violations of human rights will continue. A key tenet of Corporate Social Responsibility in 2015 will be to speak loudly for the protection of human rights. The Diversity Umbrella will demand greater acceptance of individuals’ rights and freedoms. So often people see a race, a religion, nation or culture and blame them for the crimes a few. CSR will focus on seeing the individual within the race, religion, nation or culture and focus us on ensuring that each person is treated with respect rather than with a broad paintbrush of exclusion.

The Water Crises is growing. Extreme weather has impacted access to clean water. According to, there are more than 750 million people in our world who do not have access to clean water. This will be a key driver in sustainable investment in 2015. Microfinance projects and impact investing will both be looking for market driven solutions to providing clean water for more people. It is exciting when you think about the opportunity in this sector. This is an aspect of responsible investment where you will be making more and saving lives.

The third concern is that we have failed in climate change adaptations. There is a concern that because the earth was the warmest on record in 2014 that we are too late to turn the ship. It is too little, too late. Concerns are opportunities. Free trade agreements are demanding increased focus our carbon print reduction. This requirement will spark corporate focus and measurements to ensure that they meet RFP (Request for Proposal) demands of a light carbon footprint to be able to win the business.

2015 will be a year of increasing momentum as more corporations look to decrease their carbon footprint to increase their global trade footprint.

For more information on the Global Risks Report and its methodology, checkout:

Global Risks 2015

Global Risks 2015

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