Green Family Vacation

Greening Vacation

Greening Vacation

A vacation is a perfect time to try new patterns and see if they fit. It can be many different things. The one that we love is as simple as cards. ¬†Games like Bull^&%*, or more nicely put “I doubt it!” can get rather loud and amusing. Crazy 8’s and rummy remind me of my grandparents’ farm kitchen where you would have to play until the wee hours of the morning. I remember saying, “But Grandma, I think it is past my bedtime” and she would look at me and smile, “Deal Dear.”

How is playing cards green you may ask? When we sit and play together, we use less energy. Now, that didn’t sound quite right, because if you heard us around that table laughing, we use a lot more physical energy than we ever do watching television. We also use more mental energy especially with games like Memory or Concentration. And we have fun. Laughter and fun….two of the key ingredients in battling stress.

Yes now that I have dominated cards at our kitchen table this green vacation, I am ready to defend my title at home – back in the everyday routine of life.

If you need to refresh your memory on the rules of different card games, check out this Classic Card Games. You will find all the details to set up a fun evening of cards.

Are you ready? Deal Dear.

Tell me what you are doing to green you vacation.

enjoy today

yours in sustainability

Cara MacMillan

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