Hey Entrepreneurs! Use your voice!

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

Entrepreneurs have a can do attitude. We can do politics too!  We need to be more accountable and influential in the shape of policy that will affect our future success.

Right now there are election campaigns, referendums and town halls running just about everywhere. We are times of tremendous change. Climate Change.

Climate Change is resulting in more extreme weather events. longer heat waves, severe droughts, intense forest fires, melting arctic ice, loss of biodiversity, loss of potable water, warming and acidic oceans…just to name a few. The democratic process is in full swing. Across Canada this summer, there will be town halls on Climate Change in every riding. The key topics are:

  • Mitigation
  • Carbon Pricing
  • Adaptation and Resilience
  • Clean Technology, Innovation and Jobs

Use your Voice!  We have much needed insight. If we lack for time, send an email to your MP. They listen and respond. It is up to us to be involved in creating the future that supports innovation, entrepreneurship and protects our common home.

So for me, I will share the words of Candace Labelle, VP Climate Reality Canada

Please hear us:  to be genuine global citizens as well as help preserve our own future environmental and economic livelihoods, our governments at all levels need to immediately:

Stop all business subsidies investing in fossil fuel economy.  Change or double them for green alternatives and investments

Implement tough long term legislation that will fight rising GHG’s in the atmosphere in a real way (not the pretty talk used to satisfy those who don’t know any better)

Consider a vast portfolio of incentives to help Canadians feel great about change and adaptation required to move to a new vision.

Thanks Candace – beautifully said. Now it is our turn!

Happy Canada Day!

yours in Corporate Social Responsibility!

Cara MacMillan MBA

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