In honour of the 2016 Paralympics

Corporate Social Responsibility measures how a company respects diversity. One aspect of inclusion is how a company treats and respects all of its able customers, employees and suppliers.
The Paul Menton Centre at Carleton Univeristy in Ottawa, Canada has a beautiful mandate: Choose to focus on the ability.The Paul Menton Centre believes in integration, individualism and integration

I have removed the word disability from my vocabulary. Everyone has something that impacts their performance. For some it is limited sight or hearing, the loss of a limb or a muscular disease. For others it is anxiety. For some it is a lack of self esteem, an excess of pride and others, it is ignorance.

Corporate Social Responsibility demands that we too see the ability. When we include people who have different abilities from our own, we learn and grow. When we include, we learn how to include customers and suppliers who face similar challenges but whose work ethic and commitment may align with the values of our own company. CSR sees the ability and measures companies ability to demonstrate respect and inclusion for all people.

Many people believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is about only the environment. Well that is only one of the tenets of CSR. The aspect of respect for all people is also a key tenet of CSR. It is time to demand more respect for those who are excluded for whatever reason: physical or mental illness or limitations, culture, race. gender, socio economic, religion, or age.

The EU has written out its strategy for 2020. The evolution of CSR to include all the tenets of CSR is outlined. The focus to grow jobs in the Eu through structural reforms, fiscal responsibility and
investment are explained. Hopefully this strategy can expand to the EU’s trading partners.

Thank you EU for leading our world in CSR.

The EU 2020 Growth Strategy.

The EU 2020 Growth Strategy.

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