IBM is Green

When people ask me what company comes to mind when I think Corporate Social Responsibility…I always answer IBM. Yes IBM is a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility for almost a century.

There are so many great stories of the company’s founder, Thomas Watson Sr and his commitment to his employees. He did not lay off anyone in the Great Depression. And in 1969, Thomas Watson Jr penned these corporate principles:

  • Respect for the Individual
  • Service to the Customer
  • Excellence must be a way of Life
  • Managers must lead effectively.
  • Obligations to Stockholders.
  • Fair Deal for the Supplier.
  • IBM should be a good corporate citizen.

And look at the company’s solid performance over the years. But what I love best is that they started a new CSR practice for their clients and became a true champion for the sustainable growth within the private, public and non-profit sector.

Two of their CSR initiatives are Next Gen Education and Green Horizon; Technology for a green planet. Check them out in their own words here: IBM CSR.

So when I think about CSR, I look at the IBM motto and wish this was a daily practice of more of us:

IBM THINK logo from the Computer History Museum

IBM THINK logo from the Computer History Museum

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