It is about the money

Money is a currency that is common to us all. We work; we produce and we are compensated with money. Understanding money is the most fundamental skill that is required for all people. The issue is we have been taught to understand money only from the money in perspective. The more money in the more powerful. But we all know people and firms that have more money than brains.

And when a company hits a snag in its growth, only the brains can get it through. Our economy has been bang and bust for centuries. In the good times, everyone expects the money to flow forever, then surprise! We have a huge bust due to over indulgence and we hit some pretty lean times.

What if we lived in a world that focused on both the money in and the money out.
We change the definition of power from wealth to power is sustainable wealth?

Suddenly the ride would even out and life would be more abundant for all. But it will take self discipline and emotional intelligence. That means work.

I believe.

The best book that I have ever read on the financial basics of money in AND money out is

Are we ready for real wealth and power? Are you?

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