Suncor: A CSR Leader






Yes a Suncor,  fossil fuel company can be on the list of Sustainable Investments. Suncor makes the list. For those who have decided to abstain from all fossil fuel investments for either moral, environmental or risk mitigation reasons, continue your investment strategy.

For those who practice a best in sector approach – that means you invest in all sectors of the economy but only those who lead their sectors in Corporate Social Responsibility – then you may want to give Suncor a look. Suncor is a member of the following:

Suncor does a lot right. It is a leader in its sector. AND The MOST EXCITING NEWS! Suncor announced recently that ” it would be prepared to “strand” some oilsands reserves if they are too expensive to extract or too damaging to greenhouse gas levels.”

Check out  Terry Etam’s well written report:

Suncor ponders “stranding” oil sands reserves: humbly adjusting to the lowest common denominator, with spectacular results

We have leaders in every sector, proud that this one is Canadian.

yours in Corporate Social Responsibility

Cara MacMillan MBA




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