Sunday Dinner

On Sundays, I will begin a new series  focused on applying the principles of social responsibility in your home.

This one is my first.

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Vegan Barbq

Vegan Barbq

Sundays in the summer are usually guaranteed to include a barbq. For so many years, that meant hamburgers or hotdogs and chips.

That is so unhealthy and so not good for the planet.

So I decided to find ways to keep the family tradition of a Sunday dinner but change the menu. Here is what we did:

  1.  red peppers stuffed with raw cashew, chopped carrots, chopped broccoli and cabbage
  2. grilled zuchini brushed with garlic and olive oil
  3. spaghetti squash shredded with a fork and mixed with basil pesto

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So  how are we saving the planet? Well beef (cows) are one of the greatest contributors to CO2. They release vast amounts of methane gas during their digestion process. Yes I saw you giggle, their methane gas also contributes to air pollution.

When we choose to eat a protein that is plant based, we have significantly decreased our CO2 footprint as a consumer.

Now is a barbq healthy and planet friendly?

That depends. We do not burn fossil fuels in our barbq. That means we do not use either propane or natural gas. We use lump charcoal which is derived from organic wood. This means natural coking with no extra chemicals and it is net zero from a carbon perspective.


So with an open mind, a little research, and a commitment to tradition, we found a way to enjoy a Sunday summer barbq that respects the planet and our pocketbook! We are not completely vegan, we have evolved from our initial commitment of 1 day per week of vegan living to three.

yours in family sustainability


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