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Spirit Bear and Corporate Social Responsibility

The Great Bear Rain forest is the only remaining temperate rain forest in our world.   It is located on the western coast of British Columbia in Canada. And the legend goes that after the Great Ice, Raven wanted the world … Continue reading

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Entrepreneur and Inspiration

Recently, I had the privilege of hearing Waneek Horn-Miller speak at Start Up on the Hill.  wow. She is amazing. Waneek introduced herself in her First Nations name. Then she smiled as she said, “I come in peace.” The audience … Continue reading

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Forest Fires and Climate Change

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by the devastating forest fires of northern Alberta. What I am about to discuss will offend some people. Fires are devastating. We as a society are contributing to the explosiveness of forest … Continue reading

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Continuum 2016

Last week I had the privilege of attending Continuum 2016, an International Women’s Forum Conference to discuss the scientific, social and economic impacts of Climate Change. This Conference had a new energy. After COP21, the United Nations’ international agreements to globally … Continue reading

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Tip#6 Give to Receive

So you want your business and your personal wealth to grow.  No matter what you do, it just never seems to happen.  When I worked in wealth advisory field, I spoke with someone who would be considered a member of … Continue reading

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