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Let’s Stop the Subsidies

The Pickering Nuclear Power Facility near Toronto Canada was built in 1966. Yes it is well maintained. Yes there is tremendous investment in safety. Yes the people who work at the facility are dedicated. Let’s talk real costs. Yes that is … Continue reading

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Be Honest and Speak Up

In Miami, people are sharing their personal experiences about climate change. Adam from California did not have a family reunion at the family cottage in California this year. He smiles happily as he talks about boating, riding seadoos and enjoying … Continue reading

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Nuclear Energy – A Responsible Investment?

“You can’t make money at that crap.” well ok Mr VP, why not? “There is no business case,” As he walked away, I thought to myself, I guess there is no point in bringing up energy subsidies which are hidden and … Continue reading

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Hey You! Yeah You!

Did I get your attention? Today I would like to discuss accountability. Who is to blame for the mess that we are in? Well the answers I received at a recent seminar astounded me. The guy driving the new F150 … Continue reading

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How low will it go? oil that is…

The price of oil is dropping and that is a very frightening situation for financial risk managers. You think that I am only speaking about the energy sector – let’s face it lower revenues results in lower profits so then … Continue reading

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