Tip#6 Give to Receive

So you want your business and your personal wealth to grow.  No matter what you do, it just never seems to happen.  When I worked in wealth advisory field, I spoke with someone who would be considered a member of the top 1%.  I asked her what her goals for her personal wealth were. Her answer surprised me:

“My wealth is borrowed from the universe. I am the steward of my wealth. It is my goal that I can grow it to share it with this generation and the generations to come. I need to make responsible decisions and I am counting on you to research and present opportunities that respect the earth, respect all people who live on our earth and who will live on it.”

So I decided then and there that I wanted to dedicate my wealth to these principles as well. So Tip #5 for Building Sustainable Wealth is

6. Give Back.

The truly wealthy share their wealth. If you cannot give money, give your time, give your voice, and give your homemade cookies because when people see you as a giving person, they respect and trust you. When people trust you, they bring you opportunities. You must give to receive.

Here are many ways that you can give back today:

1. Invite someone to Thanksgiving dinner who would otherwise be alone. Many students can not afford the time or the money to go home for Thanksgiving. Open your home.

2. Bring food to the food bank.

3. Bake cookies or make turkey sandwiches and bring them to the local homeless shelter on Black Friday. Oh don’t put lettuce on the sandwiches, the shelter may need to freeze the sandwiches for another day’s meal.

4. Smile at everyone you meet today. <em>Listen</em> to them. Many feel lonely because they do not feel heard. Hear them and you can change a life.

5.Help with the dishes.


This blog post was inspired by Bob Proctor’s post yesterday on The Impression of Increase. I have added his link in thanksgiving.

Bob Proctor: The Impression of Increase



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