Top Ten Benefits of Sustainable Wealth

Sustainable Wealth

Sustainable Wealth

Sustainable wealth is wealth that stays. People often ask me what are the biggest benefits to creating our own sustainable wealth. Here we go:

10. Confidence – It feels great to know that you have control over your financial decisions.

9. Celebration – when you wait and earn something rather than put it on credit, you will actually enjoy it more.

8. Self Esteem – people shop and buy things that marketing messages subtly tell you that you need to be loved or successful. Stop listening to the messages!

7. Discipline Рit takes discipline to spend your money on your needs and responsibilities and this is a quality that you can develop and apply success in all areas of your life.

6.Control – you will not need to worry about a job layoff. You will have the money to sustain you and you can take the opportunity to plan a positive transition in your career.

5. Health – worrying about money causes health problems. No one likes to be sick.

4. Joy – you can live in the moment and enjoy people and experiences because you can afford it without guilt.

3.Share – it feels good to share what you have and spoil others.

2.Relax – when you have investments, they make money for you so you can relax more.

1.Love – relationships are better when two confident people commit to be partners. When you build sustainable wealth together, you are confident, relaxed, joyful and healthy. And you two can share and celebrate!


What do you think is a benefit of sustainable wealth?

Yours in Sustainability

Cara MacMillan MBA

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