UN meets on Climate Change

Over the weekend, 196 nations met in Lima Peru to discuss climate change at the 20th Conference of the Parties (COP20).
The actual wording of the agreement will be negotiated through 2015 until it will be presented and signed next December 2015 in Paris.
There were some exciting steps forward:

1. The US is serious about getting to agreement. Their negotiating team was actually cheered by the other delegates. Last month US and China reached a historic agreement on emissions and so carbon reduction will be a focus for capital investors.

2. The Green Climate fund which is designed to help developing nations deal with the climate change exceeded its funding target. There will be real hope and opportunities for developing nations.
The Climate Change Project says that these will be the focus areas to reach agreement in 2015:
1. Overcoming public apathy with good news about the solutions we have today.
2. Ensuring the US enacts bold policies to cut carbon pollution and show the world we’re serious about action.
3. Mobilizing communities worldwide to support strong commitments in Paris.
4. Inspiring those most affected by climate change to get off the sidelines and into the action.

This will be a time for responsible investment, are you ready?

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