Centrica: Another Brexit Opportunity

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Centrica #11 on the Corporate Knights Global 100 2016 is another UK company that has been hit by Brexit.  The stock is down more than 13%.

Centrica is the greenest energy company in the world. The UK leads the world in the establishment of a legally binding framework to battle climate change. The GHG emissions reduction target for the UK is the world leader – 80% less than 2008 by 2050.

Centrica owns seven brands which include:

  • Bord Gais Energy
  • British Gas
  • Centrica
  • Centrica storage
  • Direct Energy
  • Dyno
  • Hive

This is a company that is a leader in governance, human rights, ethics, protecting the environment and profit.  There are concerns. The EU framework helped to keep this responsible energy company on the CSR path. The CSR path will raise energy bills in the UK if it does follow through and exit the EU. This could have a couple of potential impacts. The first is rates will rise for energy consumers in the UK. The second is that Centrica could look to nuclear as an option which though more green – not necessarily safe. The accident at Fukushima is still fresh in everyone’s mind.

Centrica and its associated brands provides energy across the world. Its investment in green technology and its leading CSR reputation make it a great company and champion to battle climate change no matter where it is headquartered.

Look around and see the opportunities.

yours in Corporate Social Responsibility

Cara MacMillan MBA


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