Employers Give More

Human Resources have always promoted compensation programs that reflected financial rewards. Research had shown that it was the greatest incentive. But this generation of employee wants more. At first when the research came out, there was an element of disbelief. Could employees be motivated in ways that did not include the sole pursuit of money? The answer comes in the analysis of the stated needs of Generation X and the Milenials. The need to identify with a corporate brand is diminishing. The rise of social media has given individuals the opportunity to develop their own individual brands. Companies that understand that values and money motivate the next great employee will win the human resources jackpot. The best people resources will work with the best value based companies.

This was evident over the holidays as Hasbro employees stepped up to help Santa. Toys were delivered through over a hundred established charitable organizations. Hasbro employees volunteered to ensure that Christmas was a season of miracles. These actions are aligned with the values of the best performing employees and are linked to superior corporate performance.

Hasbro Global Day of Joy

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