I love my Timmies!!

Tim Hortons is a powerhouse brand in Canada. Every hockey parent loves it. The drive-thru is open early enough to grab a coffee on the way to morning practices. And it is good coffee. I mean really, it tastes really good.
But it is more than that. Tim Hortons was one of the first brands to focus on sustainable coffee through the supply chain. They work with their farmers to ensure that sustainable farming practices are learned to protect the land and the water. They pay a fair price for the coffee so that the farmers’ families can have a better life; access to education, shelter, clean water and economic growth.

The Tim Hortons coffee partnership is improving the lives of coffee farmers since 2005. Next year will mark its program’s tenth anniversary. The loyalty of its coffee farmers to supply excellent beans has contributed to the loyalty of Canadians who really need a great cup of coffee on a Canadian polar vortex morning.
It is smart business sense for the brand.

Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership

Coffee that educates children. Coffee that is farmed in a way to respect the soil and water consumption.
Now that is a great cup of coffee. Give it a try! You might find yourself saying, ” I love my Timmies!!”

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