It Is Only Money…are you ready for 2017?

“Perhaps it is time we understand that how we choose to spend our money is an investment in ourselves, and it defines our wealth. If we waste it, we are poor. If we are responsible, we are wealthy. But what is a responsible investor?”
“Someone who invests with intent, thought, and values,” said Amal.
“And what does that say to you?” asked Catherine.
A quick online search by one of the students revealed a definition of how one person can become a responsible investor. It said that a responsible investor makes a commitment to a resource that enhances the quality of life so that it is not depleted or permanently damaged for future advantage or benefit.
David laughed. “Shouldn’t the bell be ringing soon?”
Catherine smiled. “No, we still have lots of time, so put those thinking caps on.”
Angela spoke up first. “Well, we know that money is a resource that we use for exchange.”
“And so the responsibility of that exchange comes from the principles upon which we base the exchange,” added Amal.

Socially Responsible Investing is about aligning your values with your money.

Are you frustrated with your finances? Understand the pattern and move forward in 2017.

Enjoy today


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