Review: The Szen Zone Reaching a State of Positive Change

The Szen Zone  Reaching a State of Positive Change by Gary D Szenderski is an


I chose to read this book on Canada Day, sitting on my meditation chair that my beloved had given me as a delightful surprise for my birthday. In Ottawa, we had the thunderstorm of thunderstorms. Heavy planters filled with hibiscus and petunias and ivy blew about my yard. The power was out for most of the city for almost ten hours. It was a time to sit quietly and listen to the thunder and stare in awe at the wind and the rain. It was a time where I had to accept that I had no control over the events of today.

Gary D Szenderski has written a collection of stories and positive affirmation ideas that are both pragmatic and applicable for all of us focused on making a positive difference in this world. He highlights wonderful examples from the workplace to family on forgiveness, time, love, acceptance, patience.

I enjoyed the example of Buddy. A delightfully positive homeless man who lived unconditional love and sacrifice. There are also examples our corporate selves. Like how do we choose to react when we have that high pressure presentation for which we worked all night to prepare only to be cancelled?

As I read my kindle, I smiled at the irony of reading a collection of stories about how we delude ourselves into the pursuit of control in our lives. Sometimes the very pursuit of control ruins the enjoyment of the present; ruins our relationships; ruins our health. It took a little while for me to get comfortable with the short story/free verse style. Once I was comfortable, this is the type of book that I might use as reference when I am having a particularly challenging day and I need some inspiration. It is not a read once and move on type of book. It is well written and filled with powerful examples.

Szenderski is a professor at the University of California. He teaches Branding and Marketing in their Business School.  I think that his students are quite fortunate because he teaches each of us about personal branding and authenticity. He teaches about the need to let go and be present – to enjoy our lives. Lucky students – learn well.

yours in Corporate Social Responsibility

Cara MacMillan

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