Beside every powerful person

Thank you tribute to the Reign of a woman

A true partner walks beside you.

This post will be a little different. In keeping with my commitment to the values of respect and appreciation, it took me a bit of time to find the right words. So here goes…


There is an old saying: “Behind every powerful man is a powerful woman”.

But on Monday night, we had the privilege of witnessing the truth.

Beside every powerful person is a partner.

Bill, you stood beside your wife and daughter. You were gracious. You showed the world that you see women as truly equal. You campaign for your life partner as she did for you. You beam at your daughter’s grace, poise and confidence. You look into the eye of every person who spoke to you after the debate. You smiled. You showed respect.

As one person and many media tried to make this about a wife and their own perceptions of where a woman should be…you never faltered. You remain her partner. The commitment to your partnership is awe-inspiring. Together you have forgiven each other, grown together and remained steadfast in your commitment to making your country better and each other better. You have grown in interdependence when others chose to walk away from their commitments.

I think that it is time that we stop talking about gender and racism in this election campaign. I think it is time we again speak about respect, commitment and gratitude.

Stand tall my friends to the South, and for all the partners who stand side by side, thank you. Slowly, our world will evolve to be one where we do not label each other but we see the good in each other.

…and thank you Dave, for teaching me that I am worthy of being your partner.

enjoy today

Cara MacMillan

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